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Helena Kapapoulos, Chief Technology Officer
Helena Kapapoulos was named Chief Technology Officer of the Six Pack Companies in 2004. She co-founded 2 Fat Chicks Internet with Alexis Kittman in 1999 and still participates in the day-to-day management of the company. Ms. Kapapoulos worked as an independent consultant serving companies throughout the Denver area prior to founding 2 Fat Chicks.

Ms. Kapapoulos quickly applied her networking knowledge and strong management skills at 2 Fat Chicks Internet and achieved rapid growth in a recessed technology market. From 1999 to 2004, she led 2 Fat Chicks to tenfold growth, an enviable client list, and local prominence. Since joining the Six Pack Companies, Ms. Kapapoulos has taken charge of network infrastructure improvements, business consolidation efforts, and a massive inter-organizational software engineering effort to fully automate the business processes of SCA Designs.

Prior to becoming an independent consultant in 1997, Ms. Kapapoulos was employed as a lead network engineer at U S WEST. She also held a number of jobs in the information technology field in the Bay Area before relocating to Denver in 1991. Throughout her career, Ms. Kapapoulos distinguished herself as a technical innovator and a dedicated, professional engineer. It was the immense respect that she commanded in the networking field that enabled her to begin her consulting career and later to found 2 Fat Chicks Internet.

Ms. Kapapoulos was born in Queens, NY and has resided in Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, and Denver. She graduated from Boston University with a BS in Computer Science and holds a MS in Information Technology from Stanford University. Ms. Kapapoulos is presently single and resides in San Diego, CA.