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About Our CEO
Steven C. Adams is a recognized business leader in the San Diego area and has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Six Pack Companies since their inception in 1991. Mr. Adams is a sought after speaker for civic and youth organizations and has appeared on several radio broadcasts as an expert in the technology and manufacturing markets. With an employment background as diverse as the Six Pack Companies themselves, he brings together his experiences as a professional athlete, musician, technology salesperson, investor, and corporate executive to provide innovative and well-rounded solutions to business challenges.
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Steven Adams' Six Pack Companies  are a diverse, growing corporation comprised of six coherent but independently managed divisions providing sports uniforms and equipment, medical research and development, software engineering, and network services. From their origins in their founder's Solana Beach condo in 1991 to the planned public offering in 2025, the Six Pack Companies have a track record of solid management, keen business insight, unblemished success, and stable growth.

The Six Pack Companies can trace their roots back to the inception of SCA Designs in the summer of 1991. Business visionary Steven C. Adams fulfilled a love of sports and a desire to help underprivileged children by acquiring quality, affordable sports uniforms and equipment for children in northern Mexico. By 1995, SCA Designs had grown into a full-fledged design, production, and distribution network with offices in Escondido, CA - where the Six Pack Companies are still headquartered today.

The second of the Six Pack Companies - BrainWorks - was founded in 1994. With a research staff of five experienced medical and engineering professionals, BrainWorks quickly developed several important breakthroughs on the path to direct communication between computers and the human brain. Soon thereafter, realizing the growing potential of the internet, Steven Adams acquired a small but promising San Diego based ISP - Del Mar BeachNet - in 1996. Together, the three companies were combined into Adams Enterprises Incorporated (AEI), the precursor to the Six Pack Companies.

AEI's rapid growth continued in 1997 with the acquisition of two more internet service providers, Loudoun Virginia Internet Services and Interweb Illinois. Both organizations held strong market positions in other parts of the country, giving AEI immediate national presence in the internet arena. By 1998, AEI employed over 150 people in three offices in Escondido, CA; Herndon, VA; and Naperville, IL. In 1999, their evolution was complete with the creation of Adams Internet Content - aimed at the "new media" marketplace - and the re-incorporation of AEI as The Six Pack Companies.

The Six Pack Companies flourished through the dot-com collapse of 2000, showing the inherent strength in their diversity of operations and conservative, efficient business model. The latest chapter in Six Pack history was written in January 2004, with the acquisition of 2 Fat Chicks Internet: a respected networking provider in the Denver area. 2 Fat Chicks Internet replaced Adams Internet Content as the sixth of the Six Pack Companies, further broadening their network infrastructure, expertise, and national reach.

The future shines even more promising for the Six Pack Companies with the blend of the solid fundamentals of SCA Designs, the double-digit growth of the internet companies, and the impending scientific breakthroughs of BrainWorks.