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Robert L. Francis, Vice President - Research and Development
Robert L. Francis is presently Vice President of Research and Development and has been a key member of the Six Pack Companies executive team since their inception in 1999. Mr. Francis previously served as Executive Vice President of Adams Enterprises Incorporated (AEI) - the predecessor to the Six Pack Companies - beginning in 1997 and held the same title at the Six Pack Companies until 2003. He also serves as President of Interweb Illinois, managing all operations at its Naperville, IL location.

Mr. Francis has owned and operated businesses in the Chicagoland area for over 40 years. He started Interweb Illinois in 1994 as one of the first commercial Internet ventures in the Chicago area and grew it into a respected and popular Internet Service Provider and local marketplace. Mr. Francis previously successfully owned and managed a computer reseller, an electronics service shop, and a coin-operated laundromat during the 1970s and 1980s. As VP of Research and Development, he has continually kept the Six Pack Companies at the forefront of rapidly advancing technologies and leads a team that evaluates and recommends dozens of products and services a month.

Mr. Francis has been employed in many roles for many companies throughout his life. He is a World War II veteran and was among the first Americans to land at Normandy on D-Day. After the war, Mr. Francis also served as manager at the very first McDonalds restaurant in 1956. He held a variety of positions since then, from door-to-door salesman to organic farmer, before starting the first of a series of businesses in 1975.

Mr. Francis was born in Winnetka, Illinois on Leap Day 1924, making him the oldest member of the executive team. He received an honorary bachelor's degree from Robert Morris College in 1999. Mr. Francis is currently divorced and resides in Plainfield, IL.