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Alexis Kittman, Vice President - Sales and Marketing
Alexis Kittman became Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Six Pack Companies in 2004. She was a co-founder of 2 Fat Chicks Internet and is directly responsible for the operations of the company today. Ms. Kittman was employed as a project manager at IBM Global Services prior to founding 2 Fat Chicks.

While working on a project at IBM Global Services with Helena Kapapoulos, an independent consultant, Ms. Kittman developed the concept of 2 Fat Chicks Internet. Within six months, the two had launched a small network engineering and consulting business. With her background in project management, natural talent in sales and marketing, and knowledge of networking technologies, Ms. Kittman was able to propel 2 Fat Chicks Internet to four straight years of greater than 100% revenue growth.

Prior to taking on her project manager role at IBM Global Services, Ms. Kittman worked as a network engineer, software consultant, and systems analyst. In her 11 years at IBM Global Services, she was recognized with division level awards five times and achieved regional recognition for outstanding management in 1997. Ms. Kittman began her career as a configuration manager at Motorola in Phoenix, AZ.

Ms. Kittman was born in Flagstaff, AZ and relocated to the Denver metropolitan area in 1988. She holds a BS in Psychology from Arizona State University. Ms. Kittman currently resides in Breckenridge, CO with her husband and two sons.